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In Game Events
The Invasion of Yangak Guide. Phase 1

compositionUpgrading Ore and upgrading

Mage Guides
zdragonx-2nd job info

Archer Guide

Fencer Guide
2nd Job

Assassin Guides
tinygaru - glove sin
[url=http//]legendpotm19 [/url]- claw sin
xDragonZ- glove sin
xDragonZ- 2nd job info

Stats Build: [Pure Dex]or [All Dex] or [3 Dex/1 con per level]
Skill Set:
1st Job
[10] Shuriken Mastery
-Increase Attack Strength and Range when equipped with Throwing weapons
[10] Claw Mastery
-Equip Throwing weapons to inflict Piercing damage on front enemies
[10] Ghost Flash
Equip Throwing weapons to inflict piercing damage on front enemies (4 targets)
[10] Clawing Dragon
[18] Twin Boomerangs
-Shoot two shurikens with one hidden under the other. This skill has a chance of delivering double blows (2 targets)
[18] Lightning Dash
[23] Dark Poison
[28] Toxicology
-Remove the poison effect. This skill also removes Deadly Poison at a high llevel
[33] Hiding
-Move while avoiding detection from enemies
2nd Job

Fighter Guides

Levling Guides
Quick Quest
-DO QUICK QUEST (gives ~4% every quest completed)
-Do Quest
-Party members +2 will give extra bonus exp +Quick Quest
-Certain Channel will give +20~30% bonus exp for mobs. (local bonus)

Faction Skills
[45] double Jump [10]
[50] Dragon Visage
-Shoot a dragon-shaped sphere at a distant enemy (3 targets)

Helpful Tip
Fortune of the Day
-You can talk to the NPC Fortuneteller in most town.
The Fortuneteller give a buff of exp/loot increase until midnight
It cost 10,000 gold to see your fortune.
Pine:                               Drunken Raccoon = spirit drop rate increase
                                     Evil eye
                                     Hair jellyfish       = spirit drop rate increase
                                     goo shogun        = spirit drop rate increase

487 421
285 247

Wind:                              Hair Jellyfish      = Increase exp rate

Bamboo:                          Hair Jellyfish      = Misc item drop rate
madien ghost = misc item drop rate

Spirit System
Inventory Expansion
+6 extra slots :1,500,000 gold
+12 extra slots: 6,000,000 gold

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Reset at Midnight 0:00

Marketing Guides:
prancer- How to make easy money

-You can use 'Consignment Sale' from NPC CowardEye in market to sell your items
-cost 100 gold for 4 hours but it takes 10% gold of the sold item
(90% of your selling price is given to you)

5: 600k-800k

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