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Post by XMeth on Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:24 pm

Who of the following is not considered a Superior Epic Hero?
Zhang Liao
Sun Ce
Huang Zhong
Pang De

What is the effect of "Encourage" in the Hero's Skillbook?
Strengthens the defense ability of your Army
Strengthens your Hero's defense ability
Strengthens the attack ability of your Army
Strengthens Hero's Attack Ability

Which of the following descriptions of hero experience is incorrect:
Your hero will obtain experience by attacking the camp of banditis.
Your hero will obtain experience by attacking the oasis.
If your hero is defeated, he will not obtain experience from this fight.
Your hero's experience will not increase.

In which of the following ways can Heroes assign unused attribution points?
Take a dose of Preserving Bolus
Use Hero Rebuild function
Take a dose of Treasured Bolus
Take a dose of Purple Bolus

Which hero's attribute will affect the attack and defense of your army?

Which of the following descriptions of mansion is incorrect:
Mansions and annexes are the same in the factor of function.
Only the city with the mansion can occupy 3 oases.
If you move the mansion to another city, the level of your resource fields in your city may diminish because of the resource field level cap of mansion and annex.
You can't use "Instant Completion" function when building mansion and annex.

The best strategy for acquiring an Epic Hero is:
Attack Escort Guardians
Give a large gift to the Career Center
Duel with an Army Camp Boss
Complete a faction quest

Which of the following weapons gives a Hero's Strike ability a boost?
Crescent Whirl Halberd
Haste Whirl Halberd
Flame Whirl Halberd
Veteran Swirl Halberd

Which of these Epic Heroes is naturally endowed with the Feign Death ability?
Zhu Rong
Zuo Ci
Gan Ning
Yuan Shao

Which of the following is untrue of the difference between 1 Star Heroes and Normal Heroes?
1 Star Heroes' first Skill bar opens automatically
When a 1 Star Hero's Skill bar automatically opens, an Ability is automatically studied from a single Skillbook
No difference
A 1 Star General will automatically open two Skill bars

Which of the following is not accurate regarding Skillbooks?
There are two different kinds of Skillbooks, Single Skillbooks and Double Skillbooks
On each Skill bar you can study an unlimited number of Skillbooks
A Double Skillbook takes up two Skill bars
Studying a Skillbook on a Skill bar where Skillbooks are already in place will cause you to lose the previous Skillbook.

Which of the following descriptions of Career Center is incorrect:
You can't occupy an oasis if you don't have a Career Center.
If you don't have a Career Center in your city, you cannot have a hero.
You can recruit heroes by "Hiring" and "Headhunting".
Historical hero's may come to your city.

What is called "Assisting Defense" in the game?
Defend a city together with your allies.
Holding tight in defence of a city
Use the attacker to defend a city.
All the troops stay in the city.

Of the following Epic Heroes, who is not included in the Five Tiger Generals group?
Ma Chao
Huang Zhong
Zhao Yun
Wei Yan

Which of the following description of the game's rules is incorrect?
You can provide or receive 3 hour's resources output from other players in 24 hours.
You can entrust other player to administer your account.
When you are reinforcing another city, you can bring the grain that your unit is going to consume in 24 hours to the city you are reinforcing.
When you swap your resources with other players, you don't have to abide by the 1:1 exchange rate.

Players often mention Audi when they are chatting. What does Audi stand for in this case?
Attack the enemy city but get no resources.
Battering Ram
The amount of resources you gain by attacking a city is less the the amount of resources you spend to attack it.
Will a battle occur when the server is under maintenance?

Which of the following is an accurate description of a general?
Generals can use every kind of equipment
Generals can study several different Abilities
Generals can study several Dueling Abilities and participate in Battle Arena and Reward of Warriors tournaments
Generals can use an automated function to study Abilities

Which of the following descriptions of Epic Hero is wrong?
When an Epic Hero dies his Skills are lost
Epic Heroes cannot change names
The same server can have several players with the same epic hero
There are 1 star, 2 star and 3 star Epic Heroes'

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