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Post by XMeth on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:37 am

Do you wonder what everyone sounds like? in our guild? in our nation?
Ventrilo allows people to communicate with everyone

1. Go to Ventilo

2. On the middle right hand side, Download the step up for Ventrilo

3. Install Ventrilo then Run Ventrilo

4. Create a User Name by clicking on the arrow key next to it

5. Under Server -> enter a name for the server
Enter the Following
Hostname or IP :
Port : 3938
Password : ourhouse

6. Connect then click on Setup on the right hand side of Vent

7. Under Voice. Uncheck Play Key Clicks.
Hotkey: set a key for you to talk

8. DONE! come chat with us if you have a mic. if not then listen to us ^-^

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