Free Crafting and MORE Feasts!!!!!!

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Free Crafting and MORE Feasts!!!!!! Empty Free Crafting and MORE Feasts!!!!!!

Post by Wivik on Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:21 pm

EDIT 1/14/12: All done, I'm at evil guns. Thanks for your help.

Hello all, I just wanted to see how you guys felt about a few ideas.

  1. 1) I'm currently trying to level my gun craft to Evil guns (70m craft xp to go) and I'm currently in the process of crafting A LOT of freezing guns. If you want to take a gamble, I could craft freezing guns for you and smash them for elements. I will return the elements (or the guns) to you. If any + comes out on any of the gear, u automatically gained some cash. Just recently, I ended up with two +5 freezing guns cheers and broke them for elements, earning almost 4k sea elements (320m profit). Let me know if we can help each other ^^.

    2) As a result of all the freezing crafts I'm doing, I'm actually earning a lot of sea elements and have decided to make more feasts as a result of this. I'm harvesting mint and brown rice daily, but I only have so many home points. If you guys have extra materials or extra home points, please harvest a few home mats. If you donate them to me, I'll craft feasts for us and hold them much more often than I do now. Lets hope this works out Very Happy .

If you have any other cool ideas, or things you think we should do as a guild, please let me know either in game or through the forums. Thanks all.

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Free Crafting and MORE Feasts!!!!!! Empty Re: Free Crafting and MORE Feasts!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:32 am

I have some mint and rice you can have. Also I have both a garden and a farm that I usually keep at 100% if you ever have need/want.


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