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Shinsengumi Guild Rules Empty Shinsengumi Guild Rules

Post by Wivik on Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:08 pm

I thought it would be nice to post this where everyone could have access to it. So here goes:

    1) Do NOT ask for free items/gear/gold. This will get you kicked out of Shinsengumi. If you need help, feel free to ask the guild/nation for someone to assist you. If you need a loan, make this clear from the very beginning.

    2) Inactivity will cause you to get booted from the guild. General guide lines are 2 weeks without notice or 1 month with notice. Any more than that, please contact me (Wivik) in game to discuss it.

    3) Guild Gifts are ONLY for active members. I do not consider logging in once a week for 10 mintues to be an active member, nor do I consider someone who only does autocrafting to be an active member. I can check both your last log in date as well as overall contribution since your joining into Shinsengumi.

    4) Guild Crafting is an option open to all members, but those who spam the GC (i.e. taking all GC spots) or those who abuse the GC (i.e. put in GCs but don't grind them) will be warned. A verbal warning will come first, after this, I reserve the right to cancel any Guild Craft that violates this policy with NO refund. This right is extended to all officers as well.

Please note that these rules are a work in progress and may be changed without a guild notice. Please check in with me if you have any questions. Thank you.

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Shinsengumi Guild Rules Empty Re: Shinsengumi Guild Rules

Post by ChocoOrMe on Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:13 pm

got it! Embarassed
appreciate for it Surprised

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